What is X-Cart? X-Cart Features and X-Cart Overview.

X-CART: PHP shopping cart software & ecommerce solutions.

Shopping cart software used worldwide. Web-based administrator area and installation wizard make setup and maintenance of the shopping cart as easy as point and click.
No PHP or other programming knowledge is required to set up and run a world class online store.

X-Cart is template based software with open source code. This means you can modify the look & feel and functionality of the shopping cart the way you need should you require any business specific features.

The software has no logical limitations on the number of products. The code is optimized for smooth performance with up to 20 000 products. Due to the fact that performance depends on server configuration special hardware and software optimization allows X-Cart to run with up to 500 000 products.

X-Cart Overview and X-Cart Features – Videos on YouTube.

Wide range of ecommerce features

  • Flexible “tableless” design
  • Easy text content modification using WYSIWYG tools
  • SEO friendly product catalog
  • Web-based administration
  • Online Payment Gateways support
  • Real-time shipping cost estimation based on product dimensions
  • Inventory management
  • Full multilanguage support
  • Reports management
  • No programming required
  • Web-based installation wizard
  • Complete store-builder package
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Export of X-Cart store data: config data, states, users, categories, products, destination zones, taxes, shipping rates, orders, membership levels, etc.
  • Import of X-Cart store data: config data, states, users, categories, products, destination zones, taxes, shipping rates, membership levels, etc.
  • Out-of-the-box storefront system
  • Customizable localization: multi-language, configurable currency symbol and weight/dimension measurement units

Design and Layout

  • 18 skin templates available for free
  • 100% template-based design with separate template sets for the storefront and back end
  • Fully customizable CSS-based design & layout
  • W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant code
  • Intuitive navigation
  • CKEditor, TinyMCE, and InnovaStudio WYSIWYG editors for product/category/manufacturer descriptions, language variables and static pages
  • Automated product thumbnails generation with a sharpness filter
  • Category thumbnail images
  • AJAX-powered “mini-cart” visible on all pages
  • Flyout and expanding Categories menu
  • Build-in template editor: preview, edit and restore templates
  • WYSIWYG text editor (webmaster mode)
  • Debug console: displays a tree of templates for all pages
  • The possibility to find, create and modify static HTML pages
  • Customizable heading tabs
  • HTML emails

Customer Care

  • All orders stored in MySQL database
  • Customers can search & browse personal order history
  • Integrated configurable store product search
  • Real time order tracking
  • Customer can choose between account registration and express checkout
  • Fast Lane Checkout module for quick and intuitive checkout
  • The possibility to disable checkout without registering
  • Password reminder for customers
  • Customizable e-mail notifications/invoices
  • Wish list
  • “Send to friend” section
  • Ability to save the customer’s cart
  • Newsletter management for multiple lists, edit/import/export of subscribers, news archive for customers
  • Printable versions of pages
  • Multiple customer types w/unique pricing for every customer type
  • Memberships and special pricing
  • “Clear cart” button
  • Edit product options in cart/wishlist/Gift registry wishlist
  • Printable invoices
  • Configurable contact form
  • Second address line for user profiles
  • Ability to change the order of products on the customer side

for more info vist www.X-Cart.com.

We are not affiliate with x-cart.

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